The Perrot ZN 23 impact sprinkler is a long radius sprinkler designed for use in agriculture and dust suppression. Capable of achieving a throw of up to 50.5 m the ZN 23 impact sprinkler is ideal for long radius applications.  Solidly constructed the ZN 23 can be adjusted to operate as a full or part circle sprinkler.

  • Slow reverse impact designed for even water application
  • Protection cap maintains axle clean for trouble free operation
  • Solid sprinkler construction engineered
  • Part and Full Circle in one sprinkler

Full Circle and Part Circle Operation

ZN 23 can be adjusted to operate both as full and part circle:

  • 30 – 330° – via arc adjustment springs
  • 360° – by lifting the trip lever or remove the arc stops
Slow Reverse Impact

Designed to return at a slower speed for more even water application.

Protection Cap

Protection cap ensures that the impact arm axle remains clean for trouble free operation.

Adjustable Rotation Speed

Rotation speed of the sprinkler can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing tension on the braking plate.

Nozzle Sizes:
  • 16, 20 and 24 mm
Operating Pressure:
  • 300 – 700 kPa
Radius Range:
  • 33.5 – 50.5 m
Flow Rate:
  • 262.8 – 903.7 Lpm

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