RollcarT Travelling Irrigator

Category: Commercial sprinklers
Application: Sports fields & grounds

The Toro RollcarT is a travelling sprinkler that is ideal for watering large turf areas. Capable of achieving a throw of up to 18 m in radius. The RollcarT starts travelling as soon as the water supply is turned on. The RollcarT is drawn toward a guide rope and turns off automatically at the end of its run.

  • Travelling sprinkler design for larger turf areas, parks and sports grounds
  • ZE impact sprinkler at constant speed provides uniform water distribution
  • Compact self contained design ensures simple set-up and storage
  • Part circle sprinkler operation eliminates potential damage to new seeded lawn

Multiple Uses

Part circle sprinkler allows the operator to define the area to be irrigated. Can be operated in full or part circle mode.

Uniform Distribution

ZE impact sprinkler coupled with constant speed delivers uniform water distribution.

Variable Speed

Speed can be altered by regulating the water flow. RollcarT will operate between 10 to 20 m/Hr.

Maintenance Free

Gears are sealed and operated at low friction and remain practically maintenance free.

Nozzle Size:
  • ZE 30 (7 mm)
Operating Pressure:
  • 350 – 600 kPa
Radius Range:
  • 18.3 m
Flow Rate:
  • 54.3 Lpm
  • 30°
  • 25 mm (1”) BSPF

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