The Triton-L pop-up sprinkler is an ideal sprinkler for watering large turf areas. Capable of achieving a throw of up to 32 m, the Triton-L can be used in larger turf areas, parks and sports grounds. Featuring Toro’s proven impact drive system, the Triton-L sprinkler works in a wide variety of water sources.

  • Proven impact drive technology allows the use of a wide variety of water sources
  • Nozzle with diffuser pin for quick and easy  sprinkler throw adjustment
  • Part and Full Circle  sprinkler models
  • Top accessibility to all critical components for easy maintenance without digging

Top Serviceable

Maintenance on the sprinkler can be performed from the top of the sprinkler without the need for digging. The Triton-L has a ‘tool free’ easy to remove lid that provides easy sprinkler access.

Full Circle & Part Circle

The Triton-L is available in full and full/part circle models.

  • Full Circle (K):  factory pre-set 360° arc
  • Part Circle (W): 30 – 330° – via arc adjustment springs
  • 360° – lift the trip lever
Robust Construction

Constructed from brass, stainless steel, engineered plastics and housed in a hot dipped galvanised can, the Triton-L has been built to last.

Fast Sprinkler Rotation Speed

360° arc in under 1 minute.

Nozzle Sizes:
  • 9, 11 & 13 mm
Operating Pressure:
  • 300 – 800 kPa
Radius Range:

20.0 – 32.0 m

Flow Rate:
  • 113 – 330 Lpm
  • 22°
  • 40 mm (1.5”) BSPF

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