Every drop counts.

Toro Australia continues to develop new innovative technologies to help deliver substantial benefits in yield, quality and water savings from the precise application of water and nutrients.

As a grower or farmer you know how vast the Australian landscape is and value our precious water resources. Toro Australia has set out to achieve standards of water efficiencies that have led to innovative agricultural irrigation systems and solutions.

Whether you grow row crops, field crops or permanent orchards and vineyards, Toro has an irrigation system to suit you. From drip tape and tube, to controllers, mini sprinkler systems, emitters, valves, filtration, trenchers and mowers, you’ll find your solution at Toro Australia.

Toro irrigation solutions

Aqua-Traxx® Drip Tapes

Stay in control with Aqua-Traxx® PBX & FlowControl™

Improve crop yield with precise water application, when and where you need it.

Toro pushes the needle forward with tools that give farmers more precision. Take control of your irrigation with increased yield, water-use efficiency, and improved crop quality by putting water and fertiliser right where you need them.

Choose emitter spacing with no cost increase — for precise placement and flexibility when designing your system. Find the perfect tape for your application with a wide variety of available flow rates, wall thicknesses and internal diameters.

Neptune® Drip Tube

When every drop of water counts, you can count on Neptune® PC.

From multi-season row crops to permanent irrigation systems, Neptune PC provides a highly accurate, durable and cost-effective drip irrigation system.

Key features include a pressure compensating and self-flushing diaphragm to eliminate debris, blockages and minimise maintenance costs and optional non-drain emitter suited to pulse irrigation.

Waterbird® Mini Sprinklers

Designed, engineered and fully manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Our range of Australian made agricultural mini-sprinklers is the result of continuous consultation between engineers, growers and dealers to minimise water consumption whilst increasing yield.

The key features for the Waterbird PC Sprinkler include Toro’s patented water compensating mechanism for a uniform and low flat throw suited to a broad range of under crop application, anti-insect and dust proof spinner which retracts to protect the nozzle and it comes fully assembled with tube and stake.

NGE™ Drip Emitter

Maximise irrigation efficiency and promote even crop growth.

Engineered for precise delivery of water and nutrients in greenhouse applications, Toro NGE pressure compensating emitters promote even crop growth while maximizing irrigation efficiencies. Used with Toro White Spider Assemblies and Stakes, NGE delivers water directly to individual plants.


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