690 Series

Category: Commercial sprinklers
Application: Golf, Large turf

For approximately 50 years the 690 Series has set the standard for durability and reliability in golf applications. Two 2-speed models provide a slower speed in the non-overlap areas and a faster speed in the overlap areas to provide a more balanced precipitation rate than traditional single speed full circle sprinklers in these applications which lowers system costs.

  • Manual control at the sprinkler, On-Off-Auto (electric)
  • Time-proven gear-drive design with nine arc selections
  • All internal components serviceable from the top of the sprinkler
  • Durable engineering plastic and stainless steel construction

Long Life Gear Drive

Rotation drive gears are vacuum-packed with grease and isolated from water stream for long, trouble-free life.

Manual Override

Allows electric valve-in-head models to be turned on manually or be cancelled out of automatic program.

Positive Spring Retraction

Minimises tampering and accidents by pulling nozzle and cap down out of the way of horses, people and mowers when watering is done. Strong spring discourages vandals.

Pressure Regulation

For more equal water distribution over large areas. Compensates for large pressure differentials. Regulates pressure to nozzles on electric valve-in-head models.

Nine arc selections:
  • 90°, 150°, 165°, 180°, 195°, 210°, 360°, fixed arcs
  • 60°/120° full circle, two speed
  • 180°/180° full circle, two speed
  • 26.5 m – 32.9 m
Flow rate:
  • 193.0 – 311.1 Lpm
Recommended Operating Pressure Range:
  • 550 – 690 kPa
Maximum pressure:
  • 1035 kPa
  • 25°
Inlet size:
  • 40 mm female threaded inlet
  • Pop-up height: 25 mm
  • Pop-up height to nozzle: 13 mm
  • Body height: 406 mm, Weight: 2.5 kg

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