The piston-driven VP3 long radius rotor is the irrigation solution of choice for the cooling and washing down of large synthetic turf fields, like hockey pitches as well as race tracks. Capable of achieving a throw of up to 54 m, the VP3 can be installed along the outer perimeter of the playing surface, which helps preserve player safety and maintain field aesthetics.

  • Top accessibility to all critical components for easy maintenance without digging
  • Low maintenance piston drive system provides a smooth continuous rotation
  • Innovative nozzle technology for superior distribution uniformity
  • Integrated Valve-In-Head models for individual rotor management and greater efficiency

Innovative Nozzle Technology

The unique nozzle design minimises water turbulence to maintain stream speed at the nozzle outlet. This results in longer throw and superior distribution uniformity.

Integrated Valve-In-Head

Available with a built-in 24 VAC electric Valve-In-Head option. The VP3 features ON/OFF/Auto control at the rotor and provides individual management of each rotor to ensure they perform at their highest level of efficiency.

Reduced Watering Time

A combination of high flows and fast (adjustable) rotation speeds allows for quick cooling of synthetic sports fields.

Rotation speeds of 50 – 120 seconds for a 180° arc.

Top Serviceable

All parts including the solenoid can be serviced from the top of the sprinkler without the need for digging.

Nozzle Sizes:
  • 16, 20, 24 mm
Operating Pressure:
  • 400 – 800 kPa
Radius Range:
  • 34 – 54 m
Flow Range:
  • 432 – 1148 Lpm
Rotation Time 180°:
  • From min. 50 to max. 120 sec at 4-8 bar
  • 25°
  • 2” BSP Female

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