The Perrot HYDRA-2-M VAC gear drive pop-up sprinkler is an ideal choice for the irrigation of large turf areas like sports fields and parklands. Capable of achieving a throw of up to 31.5 m and a flow rate range of 70 – 190 L/minute, the Hydra-2-M is ideal for all large turf projects. The Hydra-2-M is supplied with a 24 VAC Valve-In-Head body. The valve is incorporated into the sprinkler body and is easily accessed from the top of the sprinkler.

  • Innovative nozzle technology delivers high uniformity
  • Integrated Valve-In-Head models for individual rotor management and greater efficiency
  • Fast rotation speed – 360° arc in 130 – 280 seconds
  • Closed case rotor design for maximum efficiency and durability

Innovative Nozzle Technology

The unique nozzle design minimises water turbulence, which results in longer throw, reduced flows and high uniformity. Nozzles are easily removed and replaced.

Easy Arc Adjustment

Hydra-2-M is available in a present full circle (360°) and adjustable arc model (30-330°). Adjustable arc model is adjustable from both arc stops:

  • Left hand arc – up to 90°
  • Right hand arc – 30° to 330°
VAC Valve-In-Head

Available with a built-in 24 VAC electric Valve-in-Head body. This allows ON/OFF/Auto control at the rotor and provides individual management of each rotor to ensure that they perform at their highest level of efficiency.

Top Serviceable

All parts including the solenoid can be serviced from the top of the sprinkler without the need for digging.

Nozzle Sizes:
  • 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 mm
Operating Pressure:
  • 350 – 700 kPa
Radius Range:
  • 20 – 31.5 m
Flow Rate:
  • 70 – 190 Lpm
  • 25°
  • 1½” BSP Female

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