Drip-In® Classic

Category: Drip tape and drip tube
Application: Hilly, Orchard, Row crops, Vineyards

Drip-In Classic tube, tough and economical drip solution, designed for permanent and multi-season row crop applications. The emitter design creates turbulent flow to ensure blockage resistance. Fused inside the tube, the emitter is extruded in the manufacturing process to provide substantial savings on installation costs, while improving crop quality and increasing yield.

  • Wide labyrinth and turbulent flow path minimises clogging
  • Self-flushing design reduces debris build-up
  • Two outlet holes and large exit chamber increases system longevity and crop uniformity
  • Available in pre-set spaced intervals or custom  made to your spacing requirements


Wide turbulent flow path and raised inlet filter creates maximum turbulence in the water to keep debris in suspension and the self-flushing diaphragm allows them to pass through the emitter harmlessly, reducing the risk of blockages and maintenance costs.

Heavy wall dripline

Extruded in Australia for Australian conditions, Drip-In™ tube is manufactured with UV stabilised LDPE tube for tough and economical drip solution for permanent and multi season row crop applications.

Increased Profitability

Highly accurate flow rate improves crop quality and increasing yield.

Nominal Diameter:
  • 16 mm, 20 mm
Internal Diameter:
  • 14 mm, 18 mm
Coil Length:
  • 16 mm – 450 m
  • 20 mm – 300 m
Maximum Pressure:
  • 350 kPa
Nominal Flow:
  • 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 4.0 Lph

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