Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™

Category: Drip tape and drip tube
Application: Hilly, Row crops

Aqua-Traxx FlowControl premium drip tape is the latest advancement in precision drip irrigation. It’s the only flow-regulating drip tape available – giving you more control and uniformity wherever you farm.

The innovative emitter design provides flexibility to increase or decrease flow while maintaining a uniform output across changing elevations. Now you have more control over how much water your crops get, especially in long runs or hilly terrain, where water pressure can vary throughout the run.

  • Manufactured with Aqua-Traxx Advantage for superior quality and performance
  • All flow rates require 150 mesh (100 micron) filtration
  • Flexibility to increase and decrease flow without sacrificing uniformity
  • Available in three diameters and four wall thicknesses

Superior Uniformity

Aqua-Traxx FlowControl provides more uniform irrigation, regardless of elevation changes . This leads to better yields, even in challenging terrain that might otherwise be impractical to farm.

Clog Resistance

Aqua-Traxx FlowControl’s patented flexible emitter flowpath works to free debris every time you shut down your system to help remove obstructions and reduce clogging. Along with proper system maintenance, this increases system longevity and crop uniformity.

Increased Profitability

Aqua-Traxx FlowControl provides more options when it comes to system design, in many cases, growers can eliminate extra submains or labour-intensive lateral pressure chokes required in standard drip tape designs. These cost reductions combined with higher uniformity and yields provide higher profitability.

Exceptional Value

Pressure-compensating (PC) driplines are only available in heavier wall thicknesses and are more costly at closer emitter spacings. Aqua-Traxx FlowControl provides a wider range of wall thicknesses to meet  all crop requirements without the premium. Available in 15 to 60 cm emitter spacing.

Longer Run Lengths

Aqua-Traxx FlowControl’s patented flowpath emitter regulates water flow with changes in pressure for more uniform irrigation, it also extends your irrigation run length by 20% on average. This means you don’t need to upgrade to larger diameter drip tape and incur additional costs.

Emitter Spacing:
  • 15 to 60 cm
Wall thickness:
  • 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 mil
Inside Diameter:
  • 5/8″ and  7/8″

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