Waterbird® Mini Sprinkler Range

Toro has been leading the way for over 40 years with Waterbird®. Designed, engineered and fully manufactured in Australia, our range of Australian made agricultural mini-sprinklers is the result of continuous consultation between engineers, growers and dealers to minimise water consumption whilst increasing yield.

For next level of uniformity on undulating terrain choose the Waterbird PC. Featuring a patented pressure compensating diaphragm for precise distribution of water and nutrients to help promote even crop growth over long run lengths and varying elevations.

A proven performer in over 50 countries, the Waterbird® range features Aerofoil technology developed for a superior distribution pattern. This versatile mini-sprinkler is suited to a range of applications including under tree irrigation, vegetables, vineyards, orchards and nurseries.

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Waterbird® Mini Sprinklers, available in Classic, PC, PC Olive and Trellis models:

  • Aerofoil shaped frame for superior water distribution pattern
  • Anti-insect/dust proof spinner retracts to protect nozzle when not in operation
  • Patented Pressure compensating models for uniform flow on undulating terrain
  • Colour coded nozzle by flow rate for easy identification
  • Two stage deflector spinner for irrigating young and developed trees
  • Snap Fit bearing for easy in-field maintenance
  • UV stabilised components for long field life
  • Trellis hook models for easy suspension, obstruction-free servicing and harvesting
  • Available with pre-installed tube and stake
  • Assembled with red stake for easy identification (PC Olive only)

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