Waterbird Trellis

Category: Mini sprinklers
Application: Nursery, Orchard, Under tree irrigation

Your specialist nut tree sprinkler, developed to meet the unique needs of nut tree growers, the trellis hook allows for easy suspension on poly tubing with a cable tie for obstruction-free servicing and harvesting.

Toro has been leading the way for over 40 years with the Waterbird® Mini Sprinklers, designed, engineered and fully manufactured in Australia, our range of Australian made agricultural mini-sprinklers is the result of continuous consultation between engineers, growers and dealers to minimise water consumption whilst increasing yield.

  • Developed to meet the unique needs of nut tree growers
  • Trellis hook allows for easy suspension from poly tubing with a cable tie
  • Anti-insect/dust proof spinner retracts to protect nozzle when not in operation
  • Low angle of throw for maximising under foliage penetration

Snap Lock Bearings

The snap lock bearing prevents nozzle dislodging by machinery during harvest and spraying.

Large Droplet Size

With large droplet size, the Waterbird sprinklers are less susceptible to wind effects.

Maximum Application

Low angle of throw maximises the application of water and nutrients to the root system.

Superior Water Distribution

Aerofoil shaped frame minimises dry spots for superior water distribution pattern.

Easy Installation

Fully assembled model available with pre-installed 5 mm x 0.6 m tube and 5 mm Adaptor.

Optional Deflector

Limited Throw Deflector (LTD) models available.

  • 10 mm MBSP/NPT
Recommended Pressure Range:
  • 100 – 200 kPa
  • Frame, bearing and nozzle: Acetal
  • Spinner: Nylon
  • Trellis Hook: suits cable ties to 5 mm width

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