Osmac G3

Category: Golf field controllers
Application: Golf, Large turf

The OSMAC G3 satellite is easy to install, troubleshoot and maintain. Economical because you buy only what you need and can expand as your site conditions change. The paging technology creates one of the most convenient, dependable, and flexible satellites on the market. Employing wireless communication, these satellites are great for retrofit projects. Available as complete satellites or upgrade kit for existing E-OSMAC satellites. Upgrade kit includes OSMAC G3 faceplate, interface cable and hardware.

  • Enhanced wireless communication and upgraded hardware design provides greater signal strength and longer field life
  • Stand-alone capabilities enable running scheduled irrigation programs
  • Flow-managed programs to the second provide precise water application, resulting in reduced water and electricity usage
  • Ideal for upgrading or retrofitting existing OSMAC systems

Reliable Design

Designed for reliability, featuring a limited number of cables and connectors, corrosion-resistant metals, vented circuit board covers, and simple parallel power and signal distribution.

Enhanced Wireless Communication

Equipped with a high-performance receiver with integrated modem, providing industry-leading communication signal integrity, reliability, and signal strength indication. Wireless communication allows easy system expansion.

Run Time Precision

Operates up to 32 stations simultaneously with run times executed to the second for precise water application and irrigation efficiency. Run time in seconds, not minutes, resulting in savings of up to 35% in water and electricity usage.

OSMAC Compatible

Compatible with any narrowband OSMAC system equipped with an OSMAC Base Station or Radio Interface Unit (RIU). Able to retrofit with OSMAC RDR and E-OSMAC satellites.

  • Input power: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Plastic Cabinet: 17” W x 40” H x 16” D

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