Lynx GAC

Category: Golf field controllers
Application: Golf, Large turf

The Lynx GAC upgrade system uses modern electronic technology to enable users of older decoder control systems to upgrade to a modern central with new field hardware. New features like remote control from your phone, moisture sensing and sophisticated diagnostics are now available without replacing your entire irrigation system.

  • Precise run times in seconds
  • Enhanced diagnostics for rapid  communication checks, voltage and amperage
  • Provides for in-field manual operation or troubleshooting
  • The system can be segmented into manageable areas for simplified maintenance

Upgrade to Lynx®

All the advantages of Lynx are available to you. A system that is intuitive and easy to install, control and use. Lynx® can be operated from your smart devices anywhere and anytime.

Integrated Surge Protection (ISP)

Improved reliability in lightning prone areas. ISP decoders are rated at 20KV surge protection – the highest in the industry.

Run time precision

Run times in seconds, not in minutes, resulting in savings of up to 35% in water and electricity usage. Apply the exact amount of water required, to the second, for improved irrigation efficiency.

Enhanced Diagnostics

Lynx® GAC empowers you to take quick, accurate actions to effectively control and manage your golf course. Built-in diagnostics automatically alert if there are any problems. The wire path check quickly confirms that the whole system is operational.

Input voltage:
  • 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Input current:
  • 1.6A/1.0A (115/230)
Output voltage:
  • 40 VAC max
Output power:
  • 75VA max
  • Class 2, SELV
Surge protection:
  • Decoders and gateways have 20KV surge protection
Operating temperature:
  • 0 to 60 C
Storage temperature:
  • -30 to 60 C

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