Avoid the creepy crawlies in your valve box and take water automation to the next level with Toro’s Tempus™ DC battery operated controller.  Ideal to manage irrigation in areas without electricity and enabled with Bluetooth technology to provide you with full control of your watering from your smart devices.

  • Battery operated for areas without mains power
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows easy watering from your smart device
  • Intuitive programming via the Tempus DC App or manually for LCD models
  • Available in 1,2,4 and 6 station models to suit all applications

Battery Operated

Ideal for areas without mains power or where hardscaping makes running wiring difficult.

Programmable Calendar Scheduling

For maximum watering flexibility (e.g. 7 day Calendar, Day Interval, Odd/Even Days)

Water Budget

Quickly adjust how much water is applied as the seasons change, without reprogramming.

Vandal Resistant

Unlike tap timers, the Tempus DC is hidden in the valve box and not prone to theft or vandalism.

Durable Shell Casing

Weather-resistant, water-proof up to 3.5 metres & UV resistant (IP68 Rated). Ideal for mounting in the valve box.

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