KwikDial 2

Category: ResCom controllers
Application: Residential

The KwikDial2 Controller offers automatic, semi-automatic and manual operations, a wide range of watering intervals, and the ability to make percentage changes to watering duration for seasonal adjustments providing excellent scheduling flexibility.

Electrical surge protection, self-diagnostic function and an electronic circuit breaker provide peace of mind for years to come. The non-volatile memory maintains program information and built-in memory maintains date and time when AC power is lost.

  • Available in 4, 6 and 9 station models to meet your landscape needs
  • Rugged cabinet with a door lock provides clean look and security
  • Program stacking prevents program overlap
  • Electrical Surge Protection protects from lighting storm and power surge damages

Three Independent Programs

Allows differing watering days, start times, station run times and station assignments.

Multiple Watering Day Options

Provides flexibility to meet water restrictions and diverse plant requirements: Days-of-the-week, odd/even date watering with 31st day skip and exclusive day-interval, repeating day-interval.

Self-Diagnostic, Electronic Circuit Breaker

Identifies and overrides an electrical “short” in a valve or in valve wiring and continues to water operable stations.

Dedicated Rain Sensor™ Port

For use with Irritrol wired or wireless RainSensor™ or compatible models.

Armchair Programming

Pre-program the controller prior to installation (9 volt battery required).

Station run times:
  • 1-240 minutes (4 hours) in 1-minute increments
Start times:
  • 3 per program for up to 9 daily starts
Transformer input:
  • 220/240 VAC, 50 Hz
Transformer output:
  • 24 VAC, 1.250 amps
Maximum output per station:
  • 24 VAC, .4 amp
Maximum total output:
  • 24 VAC, .8 amp (including master valve)
  • One station valve plus a master valve (or 24 VAC pump start relay) on at a time

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