Category: Golf sprinklers
Application: Golf, Large turf

Eliminate sprinkler interference with the outcome of the game forever! Toro’s INFINITY Stealth Kits can be installed onto any INFINITY sprinkler allowing turf growth directly atop the sprinkler to eliminate the hard surface bounce should a golf ball hit it. The seamless turf appearance adds to the beauty of the course and improves labour efficiency by minimising trimming efforts around the sprinklers.

  • Eliminates sprinkler interference
  • Enhances course appearance
  • Increases labour efficiency
  • Kit fits existing INFINITY sprinklers

Smart Access

Smart Access compartment enables access to Pilot valve, Lynx Smart module, wire splices and more without digging.

Easy Arc Adjustment

Easy access to arc adjustment, snap rings, riser removal assembly, valve and rock screen.

Minimal Displacement

Access to manual selector and TruJectory™ adjuster with minimal turf/soil displacement.

Turf Cup Grass

Turf cup grass can be grown in a nursery prior to being installed onto the sprinkler.

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