Lynx® Mobile Apps

Category: Central control
Application: Golf, Large turf

Lynx® Mobile Apps enable you to control your irrigation system from your smart phone or tablet. Available for both iPhone®* and Android™* devices, Lynx Mobile Apps offer map and numeric based interfaces for manual irrigation, as well as an easy way to enter or edit LSM addresses.

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* Android and the Android logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Provides a visual summary of your system to put predictive course management data and alerts in your hands

Lynx® Map App

Lynx® Map App provides a map based interface to control Lynx manual irrigation functions such as start, stop and hold, as well as hardware and area based station selection. Favourites and history commands are also available on Lynx® Map App.

Lynx® Barcode Reader App

Uses the camera on a mobile device to capture and store the barcode information used in 2-wire control systems. Rather than reading the code, writing it down, going back to the office and typing it into the computer, you can let your phone do the work. Adding new modules and want to make sure they work before you put them into your database? That’s also easy with the Test function.

Lynx® Handheld App

Provides the remote control capability of a radio, without the radio. The app provides a list of available commands so you don’t have to remember them or carry a cheat card. All commands are logged both in Lynx and in the app, and frequently used commands may be retrieved from the History and Recent screens. Whether turning stations on manually, starting a program or making percentage adjustments to station runtimes, your phone is now your radio.

NSN Connect V2

Remote access so that you can control irrigation anytime, anywhere from any web enabled device.

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