Hippo Clamps

Category: Accessories
Application: Agricultural, Commerical

The specially designed Hippo Clamp range provides a fast and secure clamping solution for irrigation systems. Manufactured to the highest standards, they ensure you’ll get the best result every time. The Hippo Clamp range has been UV stabilised and is corrosion resistant which provides long lasting clamping solution for irrigation systems. Hippo Clamps are colour-coded and packaged in clear resealable bags for quick and easy identification on shelf and during installation.

  • Efficient clamping  mechanism for easy and quick installation
  • Secure latch system retainer designed provides a secure lock every time
  • Fits all popular LD poly and drip tube sizes
  • Uniquely colour-coded for quick and easy identification

Quality Irrigation Clamps

With over 40 years of experience in the field you can count on Toro to provide quality clamping products that are guaranteed to last.

Secure Latch System

Hippo’s unique retainer is designed to provide a secure lock every time. To lock the Hippo Clamp simply use the Hippo Clamp Tool to “click” the latch over the retainer.

Fully Colour-Coded Design

Each Hippo Clamp is uniquely colour-coded by size for quick and easy identification  on shelf and during installation. The extensive range fits all popular LD polly and drip tube sizes to provide a secure and accurate fit across a variety of installations.

The Hippo Clamp Tool

The Hippo Clamp Tool is designed for quick and easy fitting or removal of Hippo Clamps. Its specifically designed jaws and spring-loaded mechanism allow for quick and easy one-handed operation.

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