Drip Eze® PC Landscape Drip Tube

Category: Drip tube
Application: Municipalities, Residential

Drip Eze is ideal for high density planting areas, intricately shaped landscape beds, median strips and garden beds where overspray cannot be tolerated and can be mulched without loss of flow. Enviro-Drip is a 13mm Lilac In-line drip tube for use with non-potable treated water. It is marked clearly “Caution not for drinking”.

  • Self-flushing emitter design reduces debris build-up
  • Two directly opposed outlet holes minimise chance of clogging
  • Visible emitter for easy to line up next to plants
  • Easy to install above ground, suits difficult corners and rockeries

4mm and 13mm ID Tube

Drip Eze is available in 4mm and 13mm tube to suit a variety of landscape applications. Use with Australian standard poly fittings.

Pressure Compensating

Provides even water application over steep and undulating terrain and allows for longer runs.

1.6 Lph, 2 Lph and 8 Lph Flow Rates

Drip Eze applies water slowly to penetrate the root zone. Select from a range of spacings to suit your requirements.

Visible Emitter

The clearly visible emitter is easily aligned with plants for targeted watering and can be avoided when cutting through the tube, making it easier to insert the poly fittings.

Tube inside diameter:
  • 13 mm
Tube outside diameter:
  • 15.4 mm
Emitter discharge:
  • 2 Lph @ 100 kPa
Emitter spacing:
  • 30, 40, 50, 60, 100 cm
Recommended operating pressure:
  • 100 kPa
Tube pressure rating:
  • 300 kPa
Roll lengths (40,50,60, 100 cm spacing):
  • 200 m
Roll lengths (30 cm spacing):
  • 20, 50, 100, 200 m

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