NGE™ Drip Emitter

Engineered for use in nurseries and greenhouse applications, NGE™ pressure compensating emitters apply water and nutrients directly to individual plants.

The self-flushing diaphragm prevents debris build up to provide precision distribution of water and nutrients, promote even crop growth and maximise irrigation efficiency.

NGE AL anti-leak emitters provide uniform flow over long runs, reduce drainage caused by varying elevations and prevent the risk of debris “suck-back” on system shutdown.

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  • Anti-Leak configurations for improved efficiency in pulse irrigation
  • Full range of Spider Stakes and Assemblies
  • Pre-assembled with tube and stake for easy installation
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Available in 3 outlet types – 3 mm barb, 4 mm barb and male adaptor
  • Low CV for uniform discharge over wide pressure range


Pressure Compensating
Highly accurate and uniform distribution of water and nutrients over long run lengths and varying elevations.

The semi-circle inlet filter and wide turbulent flow path provide superior clog resistance by preventing large debris from entering the emitter. Smaller particles exit the emitter during the self-flushing cycle and on shutdown to prevent debris build-up.

Anti-Leak (Optional)
Particularly suited to pulse irrigation, water is retained in the poly tube on system shutdown. This inhibits back siphoning, reducing the risk of debris entering the emitter. Irrigation commences immediately when the line is re-pressurised, resulting in lower energy costs and more efficient use of water and nutrients.

Manufactured with UV and acid resistant high-grade materials providing superior protection against chemical degradation for long field life.

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