Aqua-Traxx® PBX Tape

The standard in drip irrigation, Aqua-Traxx® premium drip tape can help you increase yield and water-use efficiency and improve crop quality by putting water and fertiliser right where you need them.

Choose emitter spacing from 10 cm to 90 cm (4” to 36”) — with no cost increase — for precise placement and flexibility when designing your system.

Find the perfect tape for your application with a wide variety of available flow rates, wall thicknesses and internal diameters, most requiring just 140-mesh (105 micron) filtration.

The PBX Advantage increases durability, clog resistance and uniformity to set Aqua-Traxx® apart from ordinary drip tapes.

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Moulded using Proportionally Balanced Cross Section (PBX) technology, Aqua-Traxx provides unmatched clog resistance, durability and uniform output.

The PBX technology and extra-large flow path optimises turbulence and maximises clogging resistance. The precise balance between this large flow path and the highly turbulent flow provides greater reliability and more uniform output.

  • Emitter spacing options for all soils
  • Widest selection of flow rates
  • Accurate delivery of water and fertiliser
  • Superior clogging resistance
  • Seamless construction for durability
  • Over 97 percent manufacturing consistency – the best in the industry

For best results use with Toro Pro-Loc™ fittings

  • Designed and moulded with the PBX Advantage for increased durability, clog resistance and uniform output
  • Available in three diameters and six wall thicknesses, including more-affordable 5/8” (16 mm) 6 mil and 7/8” (22 mm) 8 mil.
  • Most flow rates require just 140-mesh (105 micron) filtration.
  • Easily identifiable double blue stripe to aid in correct installation.
  • Each coil laser etched with code and manufacture date for easy infield identification.
  • Precision laser incised outlet slit provides superior accuracy and consistency.

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