Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ Tape

The Next Level of Uniformity, Efficiency & Yield

The new Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ drip tape is the latest advancement in precision drip irrigation. It’s the only flow-regulating drip tape available – giving you more control and uniformity wherever you farm. With the PBX Advantage and innovative emitter design, Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ provides you with the flexibility to increase or decrease flow while maintaining a uniform output across changing elevations.

Choose emitter spacing from 15 cm to 60 cm (6” to 24”) — with no cost increase — for precise placement and flexibility when designing your system.

Find the perfect tape for your application with a wide variety of available flow rates, wall thicknesses and internal diameters, most requiring 150-mesh (105 micron) filtration.

Product image

Product image
  • “Unmatched precision” in the field, designed and moulded with the PBX Advantage.
  • FlowControl™ gives you uniform output regardless of elevation changes.
  • Suits hilly terrain and long runs.
  • Better uniformity than standard drip tape. Control how much water your plants receive by increasing or decreasing the operating pressure.
  • More flexibility to adjust the overall system flow rate than PC products.
  • Spacing from 15 to 60 cm at no additional cost.

  • Designed and moulded with the PBX Advantage for increased durability, clog resistance and uniform output.
  • Offers growers a wider range of wall thicknesses with one price for any emitter spacing.
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease application rate for greater control over watering and scheduling decisions.
  • 150-mesh (105 micron) filtration.
  • Easily identifiable double blue stripe (1 large, 1 slim) to aid in correct installation.
  • Each coil laser etched with code and manufacture date for easy in-field identification.
  • Precision laser incised outlet slit provides superior accuracy and consistency.

Product image
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